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A Guide to 1924's Curated Wine List

Savor the Sophistication:

Reedsburg Country Club's wine list offers many great choices to celebrate our 100 years of service. We have a great selection of wines from Napa and France that showcase global excellence and local pride. We invite you to take a tour and savor the sophistication with us!

 White Wine Wonders: A Symphony of Flavors

  1. Cuvaison Chardonnay hails from the esteemed Napa Valley, where the unique terrain imparts a distinct complexity to this variety. This Chardonnay from the region has flavors of honey, apple, and nutmeg. It goes well with rich and light dishes, as it has a citrusy taste with hints of minerals and oak. Pair it with our Grilled Norwegian Salmon for a play on textures and flavors. Or with the Chicken Cordon Bleu sandwich for a delightful contrast between the wine's acidity and the creamy cheese.
  2. Francis Coppola Chardonnay from California's Central Coast has tasty apple, guava, and melon flavors. Its creamy texture beautifully balances with a crisp acidity, making it a versatile choice for various culinary delights. This Chardonnay goes well with our 1924 Burger or Friday Fish Fry. The fruity taste goes well with the beef and adds a refreshing touch.

We select our white wines to enhance both casual outdoor lunches and elegant dinners in our event area.

The Rich Reds: Bold and Beautiful

  1. DAOU Cabernet Sauvignon is a top-quality wine that represents the richness of Paso Robles, California. The wine has intense flavors of black raspberry, pomegranate, and currant. It also has hints of herbs, figs, and cranberry. These flavors combine to create a complex and enjoyable aroma. This Cabernet Sauvignon is a solid and elegant wine with a well-structured body.
  2. 3 Finger Jack Cabernet Sauvignon from Lodi, California, a region known for producing vibrant wines with intense fruit flavors. This Cabernet is a hearty wine with rich black fruit flavors and a hint of spice. This wine selection has a strong shape and is big enough to go well with our tasty and hearty dishes.

Both wines are stellar companions to a hearty meal. When you cut into a juicy steak from our grill, the DAOU Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon enhances the taste of the meat. Additionally, the tannins in the wine help balance the richness.

Try the 3-finger Jack with our 1924 Burger. Its spice and body perfectly complement the chargrilled patty and cheese of your choice. 

These wines are not just limited to dining; they also serve as the perfect backdrop to a cozy evening by the fireplace. Opening a bottle of DAOU Vineyard Cabernet is magical. The fire crackles and the warm glow of the flames reflect in the deep ruby liquid in your glass. Pour a glass of 3 Finger Jack. Let its spicy smell mix with the woody scent of the fireplace. This will create a cozy and elegant atmosphere.

 Local Pride: Wisconsin's Own

  1. Wollersheim Prairie Fumé is a crisp white wine with lively citrus and mango flavors, balanced by a touch of sweetness. This wine is a local favorite, embodying the innovative spirit of Wisconsin winemakers. It can go well with many foods, like our Friday Fish Fry or a relaxed lunch outside.
  2. Wollersheim Riesling is another gem from the local terrains, presenting a semi-sweet, fragrant and lush profile. This Riesling has a taste of jasmine, honeysuckle, and ripe apricots. It shows the care and passion put into every bottle by Wollersheim Winery.

Reedsburg Country Club showcases these wines to support local craftsmanship and celebrate Wisconsin's diverse agriculture. Each drink pays tribute to our region's soil and weather, creating wines with exceptional character. Our club offers excellent drinks that show our commitment to local quality and the happiness of enjoying good wine.

Celebrate with Sparkles: Bubbles and Bliss

  1. Wycliff Brut Champagne originates from California and is known for its bright and crisp profile. The taste of this is strong, with ripe apple and pear flavors. There is also a hint of honey and citrus, which creates a pleasant balance between sweetness and sourness. This sparkling wine is versatile and goes well with light food like appetizers or delicate fish dishes, not just for toasting.
  2. Jean Francois Coquard Cremant de Bourgogne is a testament to the exquisite winemaking traditions of Burgundy, France. This Cremant offers a more nuanced and textured experience. It has many flavors like lemon, quince, pear, and a bit of honey, with a hint of chamomile's floral notes. The excitement is elegant. It has tiny bubbles that create a smooth feeling in the mouth. This makes it a fancy choice for toasting on special occasions.
  3. Wollersheim Blushing Rosé, from Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin, is a charming rosé wine with a soft pink hue. It carries a semi-sweet blush with a bouquet of strawberry and kiwi. The tasty fruit flavors remind you of a sunny day. Great for drinking outside, with light salads, fresh fruit, and cheese.

We chose these wines for their exceptional quality and appropriateness for festive events at the Reedsburg Country Club. These wines are perfect for special occasions like anniversaries, golf victories, or romantic dinners, making them even more special.

At Reedsburg Country Club, every bottle tells a story of heritage, taste, and the collective passion for wine. Our meticulously selected assortment offers a complete sensory journey for a unique occasion or an ordinary day.

Explore the full array of our wine selections on your next visit. Whether you love wine or are new to it, find your new favorite at Reedsburg Country Club. Please get in touch with us immediately if you require additional information or wish to book a tasting.

Wine Menu Updated 6 2024

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