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    1924's Wine Pairing Guide

At 1924 Bar & Grill at the Reedsburg Country Club, it is vital that you enjoy the journey as it is to enjoy the experience. So, we created a wine pairing guide with some of our menu selections to enhance your dining experience as our guests.

Pairing food with wine is about matching the wine's characteristics to the dish's dominant flavors. Here are some pairings, along with a brief rationale for each pairing:
  • 1924 Burger & 3 Finger Jack Cabernet Sauvignon: The full-bodied wine with its bold flavors stands up to the robust taste of the grilled burger.
  • Chicken Bacon Ranch Wrap & Stoneleigh Sauvignon Blanc: The wine's acidity cuts through the wrap's creamy dressing, balancing the rich flavors.
  • Beer Battered Cod & Stoneleigh Sauvignon Blanc: The wine's citrus notes complement the lightness of the battered fish, enhancing its flavors.
  • Prime Rib & DAOU Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon: The wine's richness and depth are a classic match for the umami and fat of the prime rib.
  • Beer Battered Shrimp & Wollersheim Prairie Fumé: The wine's bright acidity and citrus flavors offer a refreshing contrast to the fried shrimp.
  • Prime Rib Flatbread & 3 Finger Jack Cabernet Sauvignon: The wine's spicy and robust profile elevates the prime rib and blue cheese flavors.
  • Butter Pretzels & Cheese Curds & Stoneleigh Sauvignon Blanc: The crisp wine cleanses the palate between the decadent, salty bites.
  • Chicken Quesadilla & Francis Coppola Chardonnay: The wine's fruitiness complements the quesadilla's seasoned chicken and cheese.
  • Chicken Tenders & Santi Pinot Grigio: The light, refreshing wine pairs well with the simple, mild flavors of the tenders.
  • House 1924 Salad & Santi Pinot Grigio: The wine's lightness mirrors the salad's fresh, crisp qualities.
  • Caesar Salad & Cuvaison Chardonnay: The Chardonnay's buttery notes match the creamy richness of the Caesar dressing.
  • Cranberry Chicken Salad & Wollersheim Riesling: The wine's sweetness and acidity complement the salad's fruity and tangy elements.
  • Chicken Noodle Soup & Wollersheim Riesling: The Riesling's light body and aromatic profile pair well with the delicate flavors of the soup.
  • Wings with Buffalo Sauce & Wollersheim Prairie Fumé: The wine's crispness contrasts with the heat and savoriness of the buffalo sauce.

This list provides a diverse range of pairings to suit a variety of dishes offered here at Reedsburg Country Club. By giving these suggestions, we can please food experts and casual eaters, ensuring every meal is unforgettable. This guide is here to help you, but please remember that every person differs in their taste and preferences. 

We hope you enjoy it!

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