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A Tribute to Tradition and Innovation

Reedsburg Country Club's Golfing Jewel

Reedsburg Country Club will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2024. This is an excellent opportunity to examine our golf course's unique traditional and modern design blend. This combination is what has drawn golf enthusiasts from all over.

A Legacy Carved Across Decades

Founded with passion and vision in 1924, our club initially offered nine holes of pure golfing pleasure. By the following year, those fairways were bustling with activity, a testament to the sport’s popularity. Today, only three original holes remain, reminding us of where we started and our commitment to the sport.

The remaining holes at Reedsburg Country Club are part of the game and hold historical significance. They connect all golfers to the club's early days and represent the sport's traditions. Many find them nostalgic and a unique experience for those who enjoy the old-fashioned style of play.

The Evolution of Excellence

Our celebration of heritage doesn’t end with memories. In 1977, famous golf course designers Killian and Nugent skillfully added nine new holes to our course. People love their design because it cleverly combines strategy and beauty. It combines nature with well-designed challenges that appeal to golfers who enjoy both tactics and aesthetics.

Adding these holes to our course made it a complete 18-hole course that caters to all golfers. The new holes go well with the old design, showing a conversation between the course's past and future.

A Legacy of Excellence

Our carefully maintained 18-hole championship course is a testament to the timeless beauty of the sport. The golf course fits the land and offers players a fun and challenging experience.

The greens are well-known for their perfect condition and speed. The fairways are lush and vibrant, bringing a new display of natural beauty each season.

A Destination for Aficionados and Amateurs Alike

The Reedsburg Country Club golf course, with its vintage and modern design mix, stands as a living anthology of the game’s evolution. RCC is where enthusiasts can traverse fairways that have witnessed a century of golf.

We are a haven where amateurs can challenge themselves against the ingenuity of contemporary course design. Each swing, hole, and round represents a conversation with history. It also signifies our club's acceptance of the new stories being added to our heritage.

Join Us in the Celebration

As we kick off the Centennial Series Celebration in 2024, it's more than just a salute of time. We are giving a tribute to a golf course that has developed and transformed while remaining faithful to the essence of the sport. We invite you to join the rare blend of historical and modern golfing. We welcome you to walk in legends' footsteps and create your legacy.

Join us and see why people celebrate Reedsburg Country Club's distinctive character. If you like history or modern courses, you'll find your perfect golfing experience at Reedsburg Country Club.

Experience the Best of Both Worlds

Join us at Reedsburg Country Club for our 100th anniversary celebration. Come to celebrate the evolution of golf. Come to be part of an ongoing legacy. Come to discover a course that honors its beginnings and celebrates its growth—a true gem in the world of golf.

You can book a Tee Time or find out more about our Memberships below and learn why Reedsburg Country Club is about stories, friendships, and creating new memories.

The next chapter in Reedsburg Country Club's history is just a tee-away and promises to be unforgettable.

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