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  • Our Journey at the Once Upon A Time Bridal Expo!

    At Reedsburg Country Club, nestled in the heart of Reedsburg, WI, we believe in the magic of love and the beauty of seamless celebrations.
    On Feb 4, 2024, we showed our commitment to creating the finest memories as we attended the  2024 Once Upon A Time Bridal Expo at Chula Vista Resort.  This event was led by Brides n Belles, a local bridal store known for its excellent customer service and wide range of wedding dresses and tuxedos.
    Our Trusted Team Leads The Way:
    This was the first expo with Taren Lehman as our Director of Sales and Marketing. Taren is always able to bring any event to life with her eye for detail and organization skills. She was able to create a stunning booth that we felt displayed our venue space beautifully.
    Our lead bartender, Kara Imhoff, who also attended, has worked in weddings and banquets at RCC for seven years. With her experience, she showcased our venue's expertise and commitment.
    The expo brought together local vendors for a loving, creative, and collaborative event. We were happy to be with them, showing off Reedsburg Country Club as a top wedding venue and banquet area. We join events like this to connect, learn, and share in the happy journey of planning weddings with couples.
    Why We Chose To Participate:
    You cannot overstate the importance of attending expos like this. They are a lively way to connect with potential clients and show what sets RCC apart. These events allow us to display the elegance, versatility, and personalized service that define our weddings and banquets. Meeting couples, understanding their goals, and providing personalized solutions create a memorable impact beyond regular marketing.
    The exposure gained from the expo is invaluable. We can showcase Reedsburg Country Club's strengths as a venue and as a wedding partner, making dream weddings come true. RCC offers beautiful outdoor settings for ceremonies and spacious banquet halls, making it the perfect backdrop for any celebration.
    Measuring Success:
    Our presence at the expo was not just about presentation but about building connections and making dreams come true. We are thrilled to announce that, thanks to this visibility, we have secured another wedding for 2024 and a bridal shower for 2025. These bookings showcase the trust and confidence couples place in us. We know this is because Taren and Kara had genuine conversations and formed real connections with the couples they talked to.
    In reflection, the expo, hosted by Brides N' Belles, was not just an event. This expo was a celebration, showing elegance and progress in our venue's journey. As we keep expanding, wedding expos will play a crucial role in advertising our location. They also assist in fulfilling the dreams of the couples we cater to.
    At Reedsburg Country Club, we create memories, build dreams, and believe in the lasting power of love. The success at the expo is just one more step to another successful 100 years of business for Reedsburg Country Club.
    Upcoming Opportunities: 
    We are excited to have more opportunities to share our love for hosting and creating memorable events. We are also excited to connect with couples and to contribute to celebrating love in all its forms. We plan to attend our next wedding expo on Tuesday, April 16th, from 4:30-8:30 pm at the Madison Marriott West for the Evening of Elegance Spring Wedding Show. 
    Are you planning your wedding? Experience the charm, elegance, and personalized service at Reedsburg Country Club's Wedding Venue and Banquet Space. 

    Here's to celebrating love, creating memories, and making every moment unforgettable.

    -Taren Lehman

  • Community Commitment:

    A Car Load of Non-Perishables

    for the Reedsburg Food Pantry

    At Reedsburg Country Club, our commitment to our community goes beyond our beautiful golf course and event spaces. In November and December 2023, we had two events, "Trunk or Treat" and "Jingle Mingle," to help our local food pantry.
    We collected many non-perishable items from our guests and members, filling one car for the local Food Pantry. In this blog post, we want to share this heartwarming story and express our gratitude to everyone who made it happen.
    Event 1: Trunk or Treat Event:
    Our "Trunk or Treat" event, held during Halloween, was a spooky success. Families from the Reedsburg community joined us for an afternoon of fun and giving.
    We encouraged participants to bring non-perishable food items to fill our collection bins. Their hearts matched the creativity in the trunk decorations and costumes with their generosity. Goblins and ghouls came together to ensure that less fortunate families in our community would have enough to eat.
    Event 2: Jingle Mingle - A Holiday Gathering:
    We hosted a festive and heartwarming "Jingle n Mingle" event as the holiday season approached. This event brought people together to have fun at RCC and support our donation collection efforts.
    We asked our guests and members to bring non-perishable food items as a goodwill gesture. As laughter and conversations flowed, so did the donations into our collection bins.
    The Incredible Support of Our Community:
    We continued our efforts to raise more donations by asking our guests and members to continue to fill our bins throughout the rest of 2023. We were in awe of the support from our members, guests, and the local Reedsburg community during both events. Their kind hearts filled our bins and made our trip to the local Food Pantry complete.
    Reedsburg Food Pantry:
    If you need help or want to donate, contact Reedsburg Food Pantry for more information.
    Looking Ahead to Our Centennial Year:
    We commit to being essential to the Reedsburg community for our 100th anniversary in 2024. Acts of kindness like the "Trunk or Treat" and "Jingle Mingle" events are at the core of what Reedsburg Country Club stands for. We are excited to continue these events in our 100th year and beyond. We aim to ensure our community remains strong and lively for another 100 years.
    At Reedsburg Country Club, being a part of the community means giving back. But our members, guests, and the Reedsburg community deserve credit for attributing this success to their compassion and kindness.
    We are grateful to everyone who helped make these projects successful. We are excited for more community involvement and support in the future.
    Together, we can all make a difference right here in our community!
    -Taren Lehman
  • RCC's Trunk O' Treat Success:

    Event Recap!

    At Reedsburg Country Club, we are all about celebrating the community and having a good time. On October 29th, 2023, we had a frightening event. Families in our community, members, and Halloween enthusiasts came together for a fun-filled day with candy and creativity.
    Our Trunk O' Treat event was nothing short of a hauntingly good time! Let's dive into the chilling details of how we transformed our driving range into a Halloween wonderland.
    Golf Carts with a Spooky Twist:
    With the generous support of local businesses and RCC members, we decked out 15 golf carts in Halloween splendor. Each cart became a unique trunk filled with candy and treats for all the little ghouls and goblins.
    We placed these spooky carts on our golf range where kids could walk from one to the next for some fun and safe trick-or-treating.
    With this came some friendly competition to see who could create the most spooktacular cart, and our sponsors went all out! You can click here for a complete Trunk O Treat golf cart sponsor list.
    Warmth in a Cup:
    We kept our guests warm as the autumn chill settled in, and we experienced our first COLD weekend. We had hot cocoa and apple cider available for purchase, and wood fire pits stoked high. Sipping on these warm delights, guests could stay extra toasty while enjoying the festivities and fire pits!
    Family-Friendly Halloween and Golf-Themed Yard Games:
    Our Trunk O' Treat was not only about getting candy but also about having fun with loved ones. We organized different Halloween-themed outdoor games. Including Pumpkin Putt-Putt, Gourd Ring Toss, Toss the Pumpkins, Tiny Pumpkin Tic Tac Toe, and a fall-themed selfie station. These games excited the event, and everyone had a howling good time!
    Costume Contest Fun:
    Our costume contest was a highlight of the day. We had three categories: one for families, one for older kids, and one for little kids. The competition was fierce, and the creativity was off the charts!
    The winners received fantastic prizes. These prizes included:
    • A $100 gift card and golf rounds for the winners of the family category.
    • A Junior PGA golf scholarship for the older kids category for the 2024 season.
    • A First Tee Golf Programs scholarship for the little kid's category for the 2024 season.
    The prizes allow new people to enjoy Reedsburg Country Club and give them a chance to enjoy the community at the club. These prizes also help introduce the sport to community members who haven't played.
    Giving Back to the Community:
    We believe in the spirit of giving, especially during the Holiday season. So, along with the fun, we aimed to impact our community positively in more ways than one.
    We encouraged guests to bring non-perishable food donations for our local Reedsburg Food Pantry. Thanks to the support of our attendees, we collected a significant amount of donations just from this event. Because of this, we have been able to help many families who are in need during this festive season.
    A Record-Breaking Turnout:
    We were thrilled to welcome over 250 kids and families to this event. Their enthusiastic participation and smiles made our Trunk O' Treat a massive success. We're genuinely grateful for the overwhelming support we received.
    Looking Ahead to 2024:
    We're thrilled to grow next year's Trunk O Treat event with more fun, more attendance, more carts, and more giving back! Stay tuned for updates, and mark your calendars because we promise it will be a celebration you won't want to miss!
    The 2023 Trunk O' Treat event at Reedsburg Country Club was a thriving community gathering. This event was filled with creativity and community outreach, providing a fun experience for everyone involved. We extend our heartfelt thanks to all our sponsors, members, and guests who made this event successful. Keep an eye out for updates on our 2024 centennial celebration, and get ready for another year of spooky fun at RCC!
    At Reedsburg Country Club, We Welcome Everyone!
    -Taren Lehman
    Jingle Mingle
  • Reedsburg Country Club's First Jingle Mingle Event
    At Reedsburg Country Club, we had our first Jingle Mingle event on December 16th, a festive afternoon. This free public event was memorable because it brought our community together. It created lasting memories and a joyful holiday spirit.
    Jingle Mingle 1
    A Festive Gathering For All Ages:
    Our Jingle Mingle event was open to the public, inviting families to join us for a memorable afternoon. Children of all ages came to meet Santa Claus, take photos, and share their Christmas wishes. Meeting Santa and visiting with him casually and relaxingly created a joyful and festive atmosphere.
    Sweet Treats and Cozy Moments:
    To add a touch of sweetness to the afternoon, we served up a delectable spread of holiday cookies that delighted young and old alike. Thank you to Viking Village Bakery for the delicious cookies. Families gathered around our patio's cozy fires to make s'mores, share stories, and create lasting memories by the firelight.
    Crafting Holiday Magic:
    One of the afternoon's highlights was the delightful holiday craft activity we had prepared. Children decorated paper mittens with glitter and cotton balls to make unique ornaments for Santa's tree. Seeing children's faces light up as they crafted their holiday magic was heartwarming.
    Warming Up with Delicious Drinks:
    We had hot cocoa and other warm drinks for sale to keep everyone warm and cozy this winter afternoon. We aimed to create a comfortable and inviting space where families could relax and enjoy quality time together.
    Santa's Special Gift:
    Santa Claus had a heartwarming gift for each child attending the event. He handed out small gifts that included silver bells from his sleigh, a symbol of the magic and joy of the holiday season. The sound of these bells added an extra touch of enchantment to the day.
    Spreading Holiday Joy Beyond Our Doors:
    At Reedsburg Country Club, we believe in giving back to our community, especially during the holiday season. At our Jingle Mingle event, we asked families to donate non-perishable food to the local Reedsburg Food Pantry. The support we received was uplifting and showed us how powerful it is when people come together to make a change.
    A Magical Afternoon to Remember:
    Our first Jingle Mingle event was very successful, with over 130 children and families attending to celebrate the holidays. Witnessing the joy and laughter that filled our club during this particular afternoon was a heartwarming experience.
    In 2024, we will celebrate our 100th anniversary. During this milestone year, we aim to make a more significant impact and establish enduring traditions within our community.
    We are grateful to everyone who contributed to the success of this event. We are also thrilled about our plans to expand our Jingle Mingle celebration. At Reedsburg Country Club, we want everyone to feel welcome and have a great time during the holidays. We hope to keep creating new memories and traditions and spread the joy of giving. Thank you for joining us on our journey. We look forward to the future as we serve our members, professionals, and community guests.
    Here's to a splendid year and a promising future at Reedsburg Country Club!
    -Taren Lehman
  • Reedsburg Country Club PGA Golf Pro!

    At Reedsburg Country Club, We're not just about hitting the greens; we're also dedicated to nurturing the future of the sport. RCC's staff and volunteers demonstrate this through their dedication and hard work.
    Reedsburg Country Club's PGA Golf Pro, Bob Feller, is a beaming example. The First Tee of South Central Wisconsin has awarded Bob Feller the "Coach of the Year" title for 2023. This recognition results from his dedication and hard work in growing the game and impacting young lives.
    Myles 1
    The First Tee Journey: A Milestone Achievement:
    Reedsburg Country Club joined forces eight years ago with The First Tee chapter. Their goal was to revamp their youth golf program, which had existed for 20 years.
    Don, Barbara Carrig, and Doris Feller generously supported this collaboration. We teamed up with The First Tee of South Central Wisconsin to start a program for young people. It teaches them the basics of golf and helps them learn important values like discipline, respect, and sportsmanship. At the same time, we are creating a feeling of inclusivity and community within our youth.
    Over the years, the program has doubled, serving approximately 150 kids today. This initiative has made a massive difference in Reedsburg and the surrounding area, thanks to the hard work of Bob Feller.
    How Bob Feller Steers the Ship:
    Bob's coaching focuses on teaching golf and life skills, making it well-rounded, fun, and comprehensive. Bob believes that golf is more than just a game; it is a pathway to greatness.
    Bob also thinks golf is a valuable tool for young people to learn essential life lessons. These lessons can benefit them in various aspects of their lives. Bob's impact goes beyond golf skills; it shapes the students' character and motivates them to become improved individuals.
    The Role of RCC Members & Volunteers. The Backbone of Success:
    While Bob's leadership has been instrumental in the program's achievements, there are many to thank. Our efforts would only be complete if we noticed the considerable role played by the members of Reedsburg Country Club.
    Our members have always supported this program in various ways. They volunteer as mentors, provide financial help, and are always energetic cheerleaders for the kids.
    The RCC members and the Carrig Foundation have been instrumental in the program's success. Don and Barbara Carrig have played a crucial role in the program's success. Without them and their generous donations, the program wouldn't be where it is today.
    The RCC members have also played a crucial role in the program's success. They have worked alongside Pro Jason Diekfuss and former students who now assist with teaching. Together, they have created a nurturing environment for young golfers to flourish.
    The journey from 8 years ago to now has been a team effort, with everyone contributing, and our hearts are full of thanks.
    Congratulations to Bob Feller for his deserved recognition, and we thank all our members for supporting this initiative. Join us in celebrating Bob's achievement and supporting our efforts to improve golf in the Reedsburg community.
    A Look Forward:
    We invite you to be part of our growth and success, whether you're a seasoned golfer or new to the game. Your involvement can make all the difference.
    As our 100th anniversary 2024 approaches, this recognition prepares us for a prosperous future. We have achieved a lot and helped the community, and we look forward to doing more amazing things in 2024.
    -Taren Lehman

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