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    Board of Directors

2023 Reedsburg Country Club Board of Directors

  • Robert Ginther

    Robert Ginther


    “I have been a member of RCC for about 17 years and have been on the board of directors for the past 9 years, serving as Club President for the last 6 years. I am a partner in the Baraboo/Reedsburg law firm Cross Jenks Mercer & Maffei LLP with a practice that focuses on business law, financial institutions, real estate and estate planning. As a board member I was actively involved with the construction of the new clubhouse building and I am looking forward to guiding RCCinto the future. The Club has come a long way since I first joined, but we still have a ways to go to build into a long-term financially stable business that can maintain the value for the members for the next 100 years.”

  • Chad Ellett

    Chad Ellett

    Vice President
    Golf & Course and Finance Committee

    "I have been a member for roughly ten years now, and I wish I had thought about RCC years before that, as RCC is genuinely the place to be, even if you are not a low-handicap golfer.

    I was elected to the board six years ago and am now entering my 3rd term. I have been in the food and hospitality business for over 25 years.

    As a board member, my objective has always been to make this club profitable and to carry on for another one hundred years for our families to enjoy as we do now.

    In the last couple of years, RCC has come a long way, and it’s been enriching as we have had the opportunity to help start replacing the aging grounds equipment. Without sustainability, we will not be able to care for RCC properly. RCC has unbelievably talented employees who have helped grow RCC and made it enjoyable to serve on the board.

    It has been an honor."

  • Bryan Yager

    Bryan Yager


    "I have been the RCC Board Secretary for the last 7 years. I was Elected in 2022 to a 3rd - 3 year term. I have been an RCC Member for 14 years. I am Married to my wife Tracy and together we have 5 kids and 2 grandkids."

  • Mark Schaefer

    Mark Schaefer


    "I am a truly recreational golfer who took up golf on a regular basis upon moving to Reedsburg and joining RCC in 2009. I originally ran and was elected to the Board in 2012 and took part in strategizing how to utilize the DuPont Settlement in a most efficient manner. I was and remain convinced that building a new clubhouse to maintain our ability of food and beverage service,as the previous clubhouse was literally unsafe in some areas, was prudent. I have served as Vice President for 6 years and now as Treasurer since I was “drafted” back to serve in 2021 after having lost a reelection bid. Most recently I have been working to improve our financial reporting and planning to hopefully help RCC achieve Sustainability. It is very important for everyone to understand that while we operate under a non-profit business charter WE MUST make enough PROFIT to service our capital expense requirements to maintain our course and facilities, maintain and provide competitively for our required staff and ensure RCC can remain operational as a business for the next 100 years! It has been my pleasure to serve."

  • Randy Thomas

    Randy Thomas


    "I have been an active 20+ year member of the club, my first term has been a great learning experience getting to know more details of club operations as well as the great staff and volunteers we have that make RCC a great place to belong. I am currently heading up the House Committee (previously the Operations Committee). Our committee has responsibilities for overseeing internal issues and opportunities within the club and assisting with some internal upgrades to our club processes., working closely with our Club Manager, an example would be rewriting and updating our Employee Handbook. I was engaged with the Boards’ Strategic Planning process this last year and am very excited for the direction the club is taking. I would love to serve another term to help move the club forward to provide even better experiences for our members and guests here at RCC."

  • Debbie Sidell

    Debbie Sidell

    House Operations and Finance Committee

    "I have appreciated the opportunity to serve on the RCC Board of Directors during my first year and look forward to the next year with some exciting improvements to our already amazing club. I currently serve on the House Operations and Finance Committees. I have learned so much about RCC through these committees because of the leadership and members that have shared their knowledge. I plan to continue to serve on these teams. I have Human Resources Management and business administrative experience in my previous career, and I believe I have brought a skill set to the table that adds another dimension to our already great club.

    My husband, Scott and I have been members since 1996 when we moved to Reedsburg. We continue to enjoy the community of RCC not only through golf but also through friendships we have developed.

    Our son, Kenton, was part of the first tee program and golfed some in his younger years. At 34, he has recently started golfing again and not only is he enjoying getting back to golf, but we also spend time together as a family, sharing this great game of golf.

    We have five grandkids and our oldest grandson, Amir, has gone through First Tee as well and has expressed his continued interest in golfing. Likewise, our youngest four-year-old grandson is being coached by his grandpa on how to swing the golf club. Right now, Bronson is most interested in putting but the rest will come..

    Again, thank you for this opportunity to continue to serve on the RCC Board of Directors!"

  • Mike Welch

    Mike Welch


    "My wife Pam and I have been members at RCC since 1984. I have served on the Board of Directors and numerous committees at different times over that time period. I also serve as a Director for the Wisconsin State Golf Association’s Board of Directors, as well as a W.S.G.A rules official. Am also a Rules Official for the WIAC Women’s Golf Championship, hosted by our own RCC.

    My recent BOD service has been since 2017, serving as the Golf Committee Chairman (2017-2018) and the joint Golf and Course Committee Chair (2019- present).

    On the personal side, I am an Account Executive for Skinner Transfer Corporation, headquartered here in Reedsburg. Have also been involved with Reedsburg youth hockey since 1984 and still serve as an assistant coach for the RWD high school hockey team."

  • Ray Pardo

    Ray Pardo

    Director & House Committee

    “I reside in the town of La Valle. I am a retired union electrician of 35 years. I also owned and operated my own electric supply company. My family has been coming to Reedsburg Country Club since the mid 90's.

    In the spring of 2020, I met Mr. Dave Hon. I played golf with him for three days, and on the third day, I was convinced that the Reedsburg Country Club was the right club for me. Mr.Hon suggested that I play in the weekend mixer in order to meet members, old and new. During the mixer, I met many members who made me feel welcomed and at home.

    I am proud to be a Reedsburg Country Club member and hope to continue to serve with my fellow members on the board.“


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