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    Board of Directors

2017 Reedsburg Country Club Board of Directors

President- Bob Ginther
Vice President- Mark Schaefer
Treasurer- Jim Gerlach
Secretary- Bryan Yager
Directors- Mark Schaefer, Dave Schoell, Dave Hon, Kelly Steinhauer, Chad Ellett


Course: Jim Gerlach(chair), Dave Schoell, Jeff Nelson, Mike Welch
Golf: Mike Welch (chair) Jim Gerlach, Mark Schaefer
Membership:  Dave Hon (chair), Mark Schaefer, Chad Ellett
House: Bob Ginther, Dave Schoell, Kelly Steinhauer


1st year(2017)  Chad Ellett, Bob Ginther, Kelly Steinhauer
2nd Year(2016): Jim Gerlach, Bryan Yager, Dave Schoell
3rd year (2015): Dave Hon, Mark Schaefer, Mike Welch


3003 East Main Street, Reedsburg, WI 53959 | Reservations: (608) 524-6000||