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    Food Safety Guidelines

Our Safety Guidelines
As always we are working very hard to ensure a safe, clean environment for everyone dining at the Reedsburg Country Club.
Reservations are highly recommended and greatly appreciated as we want to provide you with the safest and best service.
We are spacing all of our dining room tables and our bar seating to encourage social distancing.
  • As always, any employee with a fever is not allowed in the building for work or otherwise and is not allowed back to work for 24 hours after the symptoms clear.
  • As always, all employees are being required to wash their hands between each dining interaction, but typically wash their hands more often than the requirement.
  • As always, we are frequently changing out all kitchen serving utensils.
  • As always, we are making it a priority to exceed the state guidelines for all food preparation and food handling.
  • We are asking all patrons to leave 2 bar stools open between groups.
  • We are encouraging people from separate households to social distance and maintain 6 feet distance between parties they are not with.
  • We ask when possible to pay with credit card/debit card or house charge and we can take your email to receive an electronic receipt. 
  • Our menus are being sanitized after each use.
  • We are frequently disinfecting and sanitizing all tables, condiments, chairs and highchair with hospital-grade cleaning products.
  • We are keeping seated parties 6 feet apart from each other and will not permit groups of larger than 6 people to dine together.
  • We are continuously cleaning common areas, handles, faucets, dispensers, trash-receptacle touchpoints, buttons, keypads, counters and cleaning tools with hospital-grade disinfectants.
  • We are limiting our occupancy to 60 patrons at any given time inside the Clubhouse.
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